DOBRI POTOK, A PLACE UNIQUE IN EUROPE: Enthusiasm of ONE MAN created an OASIS of life and beauty

Can one man make a miracle? Those who visited Dobri Potok, a church park, know this is possible.

This unique spiritual and cultural center was built around the church dedicated to the Ascension of the Most Holy Mother of God in Krupanj, and the man standing behind all of this is the priest Alexander Djurdjev.

The whole complex is dominated by a church dedicated to the ascension of the Holy Virgin, and nearby there is an old cemetery with tombstones. The most interesting part of this is the ethno – museum complex. In wooden houses built in traditional style there are numerous small museums.

There is a hunting museum, dominated by animals that can be found and caught in this region, then a museum of the children, showing the way in which, in the author’s opinion, children in Serbia should be raised, then the museum of beekeeping and the 19th and 20th century interior museum.

The church itself can be reached through two gates, small and large. There are three crosses on each. There are also two plates – one in memory of Miloš Obrenović, who unified Krupanj and Radjevina with Serbia, while on the second there is a short history of the church.

On the ground floor of the church there is a hall with a kitchen, and on the first floor there is an ethno-museum, founded by the priest Alexander Djurdjev.

Chapel of St. Prokopi carved in the wall leaves a great impression, as well a large cemetery nearby. There are also crosses of various shapes, images of crescent, full moon, young moon on some tools, axes and chisels.

Otherwise, according to the legend, the church in Dobrotok wes meant to be built in Lazarica, but what was built over the day would disappear at night. The legend says that they found the foundations next to a stream, and built a church “where God wanted it to be”.

The Ethnographic Museum contains old objects related to everyday use in the rural households of Radjevina and its surroundings. There is also an interior museum, where you can see how typical houses in Radjevina looked like, with furniture, carpets, paintings …

On Petrovdan there is a traditional competition in the folk dances.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Krupanj”, supported by the Krupanj Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project.

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