MIRACLE OF MALI ZVORNIK: Water of Radaljska Spa treats eye vision and rheumatism

At 350 meters above sea level, on the river Radalj and on the northern slopes of the mountain Boranja, Radaljska Spa is located in the municipality of Mali Zvornik.

Surrounded by forests, and only a few kilometers away from the Drina river, Radaljska Spa, with medical water, artificial lake and numerous springs, it is the right place for relaxation, rehabilitation and treatment for many illnesses.

First analysis of mineral waters of Radaljska Spa was done in 1890. It was established to help with inflammatory rheumatism and rheumatic arthritis.

There is also sump water that helps in the treatment of eyes and the effects of diabetic retinopathy, while enhancing vision in healthy people.

Nearly a hundred years ago, Milan Filipovic wrote about it. His words are still remembered:

Radaljska Spa is strong, it gives the sick both the strength and the will to fight, in order for them to be better, but also to fill all the gaps in themselves.

And it’s true.

Stanica Jeremic (64) says that she does not miss the opportunity to visit this healing place.

I love this spa. Not only is it beneficial to the disease, it recovers the whole organism. It’s enough for me to spend an hour or two here and rebuild. I recommend it to everyone. It has completely cured rheumatism and terrible pain in the joints – she tells us.

Radaljska Spa is only 12 kilometers east of Mali Zvornik, and about 3 kilometers from the town of Radalj.

The spa has 12 special baths for patients and guests, and everything is under the supervision of doctors.


The medicinal water of the Radaljska Spa belongs to the category of alkaline and sulfur hypothermia

It can be used in inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative rheumatism, arthrosis and spondylosis

Through the spa runs the state road 257, connecting Mali Zvornik and Krupanj

There is also an artificial Radalj lake, as well as a small hydroelectric power plant

Recognizing the specialty and tourist potential of Radaljska Spa, the municipality of Mali Zvornik, headed by President Zoran Jevtic, requested the development of the “Elaborate Analysis”, which was officially presented last summer.

The goal is to become a health resort

On the occasion of the presentation of the document on the potentials of Radaljska Spa, the Mayor of the Mali Zvornik Zoran Jevtic said that the drafting of the document was necessary in order to obtain a clear picture of the opportunities provided by the natural conditions. His desire, he added, was to undertake all activities in order for this natural wealth to finally be put into the function of tourism development in Mali Zvornik.

The ultimate goal is for Radaljska Spa to be declared a health care facility. It is a long and complicated road, during which we will, step by step, do everything we need – Jevtic said.

The local population is kind and hospitable, and prices are more than affordable.

We recommend tasting specialties from local restaurants, especialy fish from the Drina river.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Mali Zvornik”, supported by the Mali Zvornik Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project. 

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