Fishing, Rowing, Mushrooms… All the Events of MALI ZVORNIK

In order for one place to be said to be rich in events, it must have diversity.

That’s what Mali Zvornik has – something for everyone. The rich manifestations that are mainly organized by the municipality of Mali Zvornik make people happy and not bored in their city, give them a chance to have fun and have a reason to invite their friends to visit.

Numerous manifestations are now traditionally held in Mali Zvornik.

There are: “Drina is the meaning of life”, People and Bridges “,” Somovijada”, ” Skobaljijada “,” Gurmanijada “,” Malozvornička regata “, competition “Golden Caldron”…

During the manifestation “Drina is the meaning of life”, a rich cultural-music program is held in Malo Zvornik and it is definitely the most popular manifestation in town.

The manifestation called “People and Bridges” is being held for the past eight years in August. One day from August 2nd to 8th, on the old railway bridge, at noon, since 2010, the leaders of Veliki Zvornik and the Mali Zvornik municipality meet.


“Swimming for the Epiphany Cross on Zvornik Lake”

“International kayaking and canoe regatta” Drina, Sava and Danube “from Visegrad to Belgrade

“A gourmet exhibition of healthy food”

“Drina is the Meaning of Life”, “Somovijada”, the “Mali Zvornik Regatta”, the Water Skiing festival and the Summer Exhibition Fair

“International Fishing Cup” on the occasion of the Municipal Day of Mali Zvornik

Fishing competition

“Days of mushrooms”

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Mali Zvornik”, supported by the Mali Zvornik Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project. 

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