THE HILL CHURCH watches over Mali Zvornik

If you were to search the “Church of the Assembly of all the serb saints” on the Internet, you would think that this object does not exist, as there is almost no information about it.

Inexplicably looked over, this little church has its own specifics, and the significance of the people living here is incomprehensible.

This is a spiritual oasis and a refuge for all believers from this place.

At the entrance to Mali Zvornik, on the left side, on a hill above the center of Mali Zvornik and the city square, there is a city church.

This temple, which, as if supervising and protecting the citizens of Mali Zvornik from the top, was built for years.

It started to be constructed in 1992, but due to wars and other troubles, its construction was prolonged.

The scaffolding, the workers and the dawn to build this temple, this lasted for a full decade.

It was only in 2002 that the construction was finished.

In 2002, Bishop Lavrentije Trifunović consecrated the church and officially opened it to the faithful.

Since then, for more than 15 years, people are coming here to this temple to liturgy, to pray and to talk to their priests.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Mali Zvornik”, supported by the Mali Zvornik Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project. 

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