IT IS PARTY ALL YEAR LONG IN LJUBOVIJA! No other city in Serbia offers this kind of events

Ljubovija is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Serbia: situated on the shore of the beautiful Drina River, immersed in clean air, surrounded by forests and the most beautiful mountains in this part of the world.

However, anyone who comes to Ljubovija or the surrounding area should have no fear of “seeing everything” fast.

First, because the nature and attractions that the region has to offer are unimaginable, and secondly, if one is bored with a visit to the incredible natural beauties, the locals prepare various attractive events every year , which are unique in many ways, and above all fun and guarantee a good time.

On the first day of the new year, a New Year’s regatta is organized in Ljubovija, more precisely from Lucice to Ljubovija, where people descend on boats down the Drina river. It starts in the morning, after the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and fun on a cold winter morning is guaranteed.

Tradition throughout Serbia, including Ljubovija, is that young men and women, but more increasingly even the older ones, swim to the cross, on Epiphany, the great religious holiday of the Serbian Orthodox Church, celebrated on January 19th. Without fear, they enter the cold Drina, near the village of Vrhpolje, and there they try to be the fastest.

In April, the “Easter Olympics” is held in Donja Orovica, not far from Ljubovija. As part of this event, there are football competitions, an egg-knocking contest, a country fair. Everyone is welcome.

Also in April, the Easter Bazaar is organized, where an Easter Egg Painting Exhibition and a children’s drawing exhibition are organized in the churchyard. Those who wish can try their hand at painting Easter eggs on site.

On May the 1st, the Labor Day, the celebration is organized, in the Ethno village of Vrhpolje – it is a competition in stew preparation. The contestants are judged by the visitors and guests of the event, who can decide for themselves which cook made the stew best.

On the second Saturday in May, the Gastro fest is organized, one of the most important events in the region. As the name implies, the competitors compete in the preparation of delicious traditional dishes, and the disciplines are as follows: fish stew, ethno table, modern cuisine, bakery, pastry, fruit and vegetable carving and onion chopping competition.

In May and October, the Student Mountain Marathon is held, a hiking trip on Mount Bobija, a chance for all nature lovers, hikers and hikers to enjoy the phenomenal areas of this beautiful mountain.

The Village Olympics are held at the end of June in Lonjin, with the locals competing in tug of war, throwing stones from their shoulders, long jumping, sand volleyball and hand-wringing.

The famous Drina Regatta takes place on the second Saturday in July, and the ideal weather conditions, beautiful Drina and secured good company and fun always entice thousands of people to participate in this great festival of goodwill.

The Drina Regatta in Ljubovija is the most significant event in this part of Serbia. This is one of the most massive manifestations of its kind, and the number of people and vessels participating in it is steadily increasing. The record was more than 2,000 boats and boats and more than 20,000 people on the Drina River at a time. They sail from Rogacica to Ljubovija – the destination is in Ljubovija, and the trail is about 40 kilometers long and takes about 9 hours to cross. Everyone who comes to this massive event does not have to worry about accommodation, food or hospitality, as friendly hosts are always at the service of everyone who comes here. The traditional Drina regatta for the disabled is also held in July, at the end of the month.

Skobaljijada, the competition for fishing common nase, takes place in August, and the fishermen enjoy catching their favorite prey from the beautiful beaches on the Drina. Along with the pleasure of fishing, they can enjoy a fun program, and all participants also get a well deserved lunch.

The regatta under the stars may also be a unique event, in which only the bravest take part. Around a hundred people descend on the Drina in boats, but in the middle of the night, on the route from Gornja Tresnjica to Ljubovija. Everyone who has tried this says that there is no adrenaline fun that is more enjoyable than the night downhill of the Drina River.

The famous bike race in Ljubovija takes place in September, lasting 4 days. Cycling lovers from Serbia and the surrounding countries arrive in Ljubovija the day before, and part of the junior event is marching the streets of Ljubovija, men’s and women’s races, shooting darts at a moving target, driving on a polygon and slowly carrying a glass. The seniors ride a mountain bike on a 50-kilometer trail, as well as another 50-kilometer run the next day. On the third day, another such ride, which this time leads to neighboring Bosnia, is also 50 kilometers long.

The commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of the Cat’s Stone takes place in September, in addition to a memorial to the heroes who fell in the Serbian army’s battle with the Austrian army.

The Bobija Ultra Trail event is the last major event of the year in Ljubovia, and takes place in October. All lovers of running, hiking and walking can participate in trails of 68, 25 and 10 kilometers, and along the way can enjoy probably the most beautiful mountains in this part of Serbia, canyons, Drina, forests, villages …

This text was created as part of the project “Seven Wonders of Ljubovija” and co-financed by the Municipality of Ljubovija.

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