Stevan Sindjelic is a sacred name for all Serbs: it is the name of the hero who made the greatest sacrifice in the fight for liberation against the Turks. This hero did the unthinkable in 1809: surrounded by 6,000 Turks, faced with defeat in the battle of Chegar, seeing that he could not win, he fired from his holster into a barrel full of gunpowder and killed himself, the rebellious[…]

A stone museum? Sounds boring? How mistaken is anyone who thinks something like this: each of the more than 300 geological exhibits exhibited within the exhibition in the yard of Predrag Peca Petrovic, in the village of Pastric near the town of Mionica, tells an incredible story, which is sometimes several hundred million years old… The Stone Museum in Pastric was opened in 2013 by the famous Serbian biologist Predrag[…]

There are just few places in Serbia, but also anywhere on the planet, where one can find complete peace. Places where the only noises are the chirping of birds that seemingly never stops, and the murmur of a nearby stream. Wherever you look, you cannot see anything but the perfect harmony of man and nature. A place where, even when you want to, you cannot think of any negative thoughts,[…]

In the village of Struganik, not far from Mionica, a beautiful and peaceful town in western Serbia, there is a large, white house, perfectly preserved in the condition it was in in the second half of the 19th century. The kind host welcomes us with open arms, as he does with everyone who comes here to get acquainted with the history located in probably the most beautiful part of Serbia.[…]

The famous Wax Museum in Jagodina has a new attraction: along with figures of 30 famous sciencetists, politicians, writers, actors, sportsmen, clerics, there are also carriages from the 19th century, which are believed to belong to King Milan Obrenovic’s court. The carriages are more than 150 years old and are made of rose and cherry wood. They are well preserved and in running condition. They were pulled by two horses,[…]

The pedestrian footbridge connecting Belgrade Fortress and Sava Pier was completed and handed over to citizens and tourists. For the first time Belgrade has a direct connection between the Pier and the old part of Belgrade, so now pedestrians or cyclists can get from Palace Albania to the Sava Pier without crossing the street, via Kalemegdan. There is a sculpture on the footbridge, a joint work of English sculptor Richard[…]

After a break due to restrictive measures caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the reconstruction of the Svilajnac-Markovac regional road continued. – A complete reconstruction of the 6km Svilajnac-Markovac road is underway. The first section about 2.5km long is located on the territory of Svilajnac municipality. The value of the investment in the territory this municipality is about one million euros, while the value of the entire investment is about 2.5[…]

Lake Palic, in the far north of Serbia, is located in the eponymous village of Palic and has been a significant tourist and cultural destination for more than a century for those who choose to visit and enjoy nature. The lake itself has an area of ​​4,6 km2, with three special beaches and is the largest natural lake in Serbia. The lake is divided into four sectors and is rich[…]

At the time of the fight against coronaviruses, one good news from Belgrade. The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade carried out the official handover of the Winner, which means that it was stated that all reconstruction works were done in accordance with the project. Everything about the reconstruction was completed two weeks ago, and the monument was returned to its place in Kalemegdan[…]

As long as the state of emergency because of the Covid-19 lasts, both in Serbia and around the world, citizens of Serbia, as well as everyone around the world, are allowed to take a virtual tour of the city. Anyone who wants to see Belgrade can do so thanks to the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade. You can do this at http://beogradskonasleđ In[…]