LAKE PALIĆ: A great place to relax and enjoy the nature

Lake Palic, in the far north of Serbia, is located in the eponymous village of Palic and has been a significant tourist and cultural destination for more than a century for those who choose to visit and enjoy nature.

The lake itself has an area of ​​4,6 km2, with three special beaches and is the largest natural lake in Serbia. The lake is divided into four sectors and is rich in fish and numerous plants.

There are two legends about the origin of the lake. According to the former, the lake is a remnant of the Pannonian Sea, while the latter is said to have originated from the tears of Shepherd Paul, who lost his flock at that very place, and that is why the lake contains salt. The lake originated in the ancient times as a aquifer lake, although the lake’s water is largely derived from the precipitation that filled the valley.

Two centuries ago, lake water and sludge were known to have healing properties, so according to the idea of ​​a physician from Subotica, in 1845, the Donja Trščara Inn was built, followed by a bath and spa, which was later visited by many tourists, both because of its medicinal properties. , so that they enjoy the beautiful nature.

Today, Palic is adorned with numerous buildings, hotels, sights, landscaped meadows and numerous cultural events, the most important of which is the European Film Festival, and it is no wonder that Palic is one of the largest tourist centers in Serbia.

Not far from the shore of the lake is the Palic Zoo, founded in 1950. It covers an area of ​​15 hectares and has more than 150 animal species, while the animal shelter has a total of over 800 individual animals.

The annual visit to the garden is over 150,000 visitors from home and abroad and is open year-round.

Also, along the coast, next to the large terrace and the music pavilion, there is a “Memorial Fountain”. It was built in 1912, in honor of the completion of the construction on Palic and the Town Hall in Subotica.

Just 8 kilometers from Palic Lake lies the beautiful city of Subotica. If you decide to visit Palic, we definitely recommend stopping by Subotica, which has great cultural significance through the centuries and numerous sights.

We will present you with photos and video only some of them, and the rest yourself visit, explore and enjoy the beauties of Serbia.

It is very easy to reach these tourist destinations, the border with Hungary is very close, so there are plenty of tourists from Hungary. While from Belgrade it is enough to follow the E-75 highway and switch off for Palic and Subotica.

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