It is said that a caravan was passing by what is now known as Banja Koviljaca, a healing resort in the west of Serbia near the town of Loznica. Wanting to rest, traders stopped by the sulfur water well. One of the horses was very ill, and they left him to die there, in the hot water. The caravan went on, and the horse remained, awaiting death. When they returned[…]

Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will stimulate the development of domestic tourism in 2018. by providing citizens with vouchers for destinations in the country. Around 80.000 vouchers worth 5.000 dinars each have been issued. Serbian citizens can apply from January 1 to October 15, 2018. One voucher guarantees at least five overnight stays in the countrie’s registered holiday facilities. The deadline to use a voucher is November 20[…]