A long time ago, at the colleg of tourism, we were taught how closely related the tourism and food offer are.

The connection is so great that there is even an entire subject called gastronomic tourism. Of course, the word says it all.

And more about it – it is about traveling that involves consuming food and drink, learning how to prepare meals, buying local products, and even attending cooking courses.

It may not be the easiest thing to do, and it is not done in our region as much, but even if you are not going to do it, Serbia and Loznica region alwas offer plenty of delicious food.

Of course, foreigners who come to Serbia first try what is typical of Serbian national cuisine: barbecue, cevapi, pljeskavica, Karadjordje steak, ajvar, pita… Even now, when we are in Loznica area, we have seen that it is practiced and that it is a regular offer, but this time we would like to offer something else.

Something with less calories and typical of the Drina river. So, grilled trout and fish pate with spinach…

But according to good old customs and modern habits, it all starts with a cup of coffee.

We are in a restaurant in Trsic, near Loznica, and the most pleasant thing happens when the waiter brings us some real freshly brewed coffee. In a small cup, with the exact measure and thick foam. Of course, there is a sugar cube, plus a delicious lokum. Coffee lovers know what we’re talking about, but the picture speaks more than words. This is not often in Europe, or Belgrade, for that matter. The hosts say that foreign tourists are especially impressed because most of the time they do not find thing like this in countries they come from, so they take photos, post them to social networks and tag.

And what so we want to eat? Of course, we are asked immediately.

They say the trout are fresh and caught in the Drina river. They were salted, marinaded, and ready to be grilled.

I can’t help but ask to look how salty it is and what the marinade is made from.

They poured the olive oil over the washed, drained and cleaned trout, then added some basil, lemon juice and salted it on all sides, then put a bit of rosemary. And because we had a small child with us, we also asked for a bit of salmon.

Since some were so hungry and our hosts at the restaurant in Trsic did not want to allow this to go on, “meze” and appetizers arrived, while the fish was being grilled.

For those with a strong appetite, this is no problem – there will be room for everything. the others among us, with not so strong appetite, are saying “no” at first, but as we are waiting, we try a bit of everything.

Bruschetta and fish pate are great, and our host say they are easy to prepare.

According to the recipe, which they proclaimed in three sentences, it sounds simple, they say that everything is made by the taste: it is made from cooked fish, the bone meat is cut off, melted butter is added, some lemon juice is added, and, if desired, pickles or hot sauce. This is then blended and refrigerated.

It just sounds simple, for this perfect scene and the taste that the photo can’t show.

In addition to the delicious fish pate, squid salad with baby spinach was also served as an appetizer.

And then, after a little pleasant conversation with the waiters about Trsic and the region, the trout arrives on the plate!

The flavors are hard to explain (so delicious), but the picture tells the whole story – this was a great lunch that awakes your appetite every time you look at the picture again.

The people of Loznica say they don’t like to be hungry, let alone their guests.

We will remember the special dish of this area with great joy.

This is part of the project “Seven Wonders of Loznica” co-funded by the City of Loznica.

(Come to Serbia)

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