THERE IS ONLY ONE DRINA! Thousands of people descend each year down the MOST BEAUTIFUL RIVER IN SERBIA!

In the middle of every summer, for 14 years, the Drina Regatta takes place on the Drina, the most beautiful river in Serbia.

Every year, thousands of people come to participate in this spectacular event, and with their boats they descend down the Drina River, from the town of Mali Zvornik, to the town of Loznica.

The descent is about 20 kilometers long, and as the boats slowly move down the river, surrounded by lush greenery and untouched nature, music booms from the loudspeakers on boats, they eat, drink, rejoice…

The start of this year’s regatta was in Mali Zvornik, near the hydroelectric power plant “Zvornik”. The Mayor of Mali Zvornik, Zoran Jevtic, wished a happy journey and enjoyment to all participants of the regatta.

  • Here are the most loyal fans of the Drina River. We have shown that the Drina connects us and shows all the beauty of the cities on its shores – said Jevtic.

Apart from the inhabitants of towns near the Drina, people from all over Serbia as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in the regatta, and there are more and more foreign tourists coming here to take part in this spectacle.

More than 150 boats participated in the last regatta (2019), and 1,500 participants arrived at their destination cheerfully and contentedly.

When, after an exciting ride on the Drina, they arrived at their destination, they all took up their spoons and tasted beans, specially prepared for them, and they ate it with pleasure, after almost 4 hours spent on the river.

This text was published as part of the project “Mali Zvornik – the great heart of the Drina River” and was co-financed by the municipality of Mali Zvornik.

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