COLD WATER, CLEAN AIR, BEAUTY THAT MAN DID NOT RUIN? You’re in the right place, Bobija Mountain is the dream place

Not far from the city of Ljubovija in Western Serbia is Mount Bobija, perhaps the greatest natural gem in this part of the world.

This fairytale place is a true oasis, in the heart of Serbia and Europe, an oasis of clean air, cold and clear water, an oasis where everything is still wild, untouched, as nature has created it.

Everything here is full of life, the sights that go on forever, the breathtaking beauty that takes puts a spell on everyone who comes and goes here.

Anyone who is “suffering” from stress, the curse of modern civilisation, will find their own recovery corner here. And maybe more than that. Unlike all the famous tourist attractions, everything here is natural, pure nature, and everything that comes with it.

Here on top of the Bobija mountain, you will finaly be breathing with full lung capacity. There is no noise, no pollution, no stress. An ideal place for excursions, walks, hiking… And if someone gets tired, he can eat from the forest, (forest fruits are plenty in this mountain), or drink water directly from one of the 100 springs listed here.

Bobija is about 30 kilometers (about half an hour drive) from the city of Ljubovija and about 140 kilometers (an hour and a half drive) from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.

The mountain is full of forests, meadows and pastures, and those who walk here will come across villages where people still live from livestock and growing fruit.

This region is famous for producing milk, cheese and cream, as well as raspberries and plums. When you are already there, ask the locals to sell you these products. Take our word for it, you won’t eat anything tastier or healthier, ever! There are also blackberries, blueberries, and for those who like a good drink, the hosts have their famous rakija ready for you.

The griffon vulture, the largest bird in Europe, also found refuge in this wild beauty.

At the Dobra voda well there is a wooden church, and the main impression of all those who were on Bobija are the vantage points, from which it is possible to see landscapes ten or more miles away.

Otherwise, people have long recognized that this mountain is ideal for life, so they settled it in the Neolithic. Life was booming here even in the Bronze Age, when people were buried in mounds, or “bobbies,” as the people here call it (some think the mountain is named after them).

Activities that Bobija offers to visitors are walking, paragliding, jeep safaris, horseback riding, hiking …

This text was published as part of the project “Seven Wonders of Ljubovija” and co-financed by the municipality of Ljubovija.

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