ADVENTURE, DEEP REST, A PERFECT SPOT FOR CHILDREN: All of this in one place, in a paradise called SUNNY RIVER

Can you imagine that there is a place where no one, but no one will be bored or tired, a place that meets everyone’s needs? Honestly, it sounds like the beginning of a pretentious advertisement, but this is true, and it is located only 150 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

It is not an exaggeration, because the Ethno Village Sunny River (Sunčana reka, pronounced “Soon-cha-na ray-ka” is a unique place in this part of the world. On 7 hectares, right on the shore of the beautiful Drina River, lies this tourist paradise, made for anyone who wants to move out of the grayish everyday life and move to, literally, a paradise on earth.

This ethno village is ideal for the whole family, which is a rarity, because here one will find literally everything – from great adrenaline adventures, to perfect, perfect peace for those who have had it enough with noise and stress, then playgrounds where one can leave the children and find them there in a few hours – tired and in a perfect mood, to the animals with whom you can share the wonderful moments you will spend in this place.

The Sunny River is located on the banks of the Drina River, between Loznica and Mali Zvornik, and below the Gucevo Mountain, at the very border of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What sets this ethno village apart from all others in Serbia and the region is a great adventure tourism offering, for which it was already rewarded.

All adrenaline riders in the Sunny River can enjoy ATV (all terrain vehicle) and SSV (side by side vehicle) rides, in several off-road adventures: along the banks of the Drina River and then through villages on the west side the Gucevo mountains and the old Roman road, to the Brasina mine, along forest roads, to a mountain house at 850 meters in height, Bukovo brook… It is also possible to rent “quads” for children, where they can learn to drive these vehicles.

For lovers of this ancient art, or those who want to try or learn something new, there is also archery, with the possibility of shooting at various distances.

The real challenge for anyone who wants to truly become one with nature is a horseback riding package, crossing a 30km long trail through the most beautiful landscapes next to the Drina River to the top of Gučevo Mountain, spending the night in a mountain lodge, then returning to Sunny River the same way, all this with great lodging conditions, full boarding and music programs, and fully equipped and trained horses for this terrain.

The real attraction in the Sunny River is the artificial rock, located right next to the Drina, on the beautiful beach. On it, both children and adults can test their strength and coordination, all with the watchful eye of the instructor and safety equipment.

Rafts and boats can be rented every day for sailing around Zvornik Lake – for celebrations, lunches or romantic cruises, for a downhill trip to the Drina River, a romantic dinner on a boat or island, or a full day cruise on the Drina River.

Nature and orienteering lovers can enjoy this recreational sport, where with the help of a map and a compass they try to find themselves near the point given to them on the map as soon as possible. Streams, climbs, clearings and dense forests will make you feel like you are in a true movie adventure, where you will compete with others in the wilderness.

The very rich offer of hiking tours is something that is a trademark of this ethno village: from one-day to six-day arrangements, with a common thing to all of them – adventure, beautiful nature, excitement, quality food and accommodation.

For just under € 100, anyone can enjoy a great paragliding adventure, with an incredible flight from the top of Gucevo Mountain to the Sunny River, located along the Drina River.

Accommodation in the ethno village of Sunny River is in guest houses built of brick and wood, and several restaurants and cafes serve great food and drink, with the constant smile of the friendly staff.

You can swim and sunbath on Shotra beach (many shots were taken here by Zdravko Shotra, one of the most famous directors in Serbia), and all believers can pray at the Temple of the Assumption of the Lord, sanctified in 2013 by the bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church Lavrentije.

All sports lovers can enjoy themselves on courts for football, beach volleyball, tennis, badminton, basketball, can run on a 5 km jogging track, exercise in the outdoor exercise area, and a specially adapted amusement park is ready for children.

This text is part of the project “Seven Wonders of Loznica” and co-funded by the City of Loznica.

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