The tourist offer of Mionica is rich and diverse. Through natural beauties, landscapes, Ribnica Nature Park, rivers Lepenica and Toplica, thermo-mineral springs in Banja Vrujci and Sports Center Mionica, to cultural landmarks such as the birthplace of Duke Zivojin Misic, old schools, religious buildings. With these words, Bojana Glišić, acting director of the Mionica Tourist Organization, begins the interview for the Come to Serbia portal. She talks about manifestations, visits[…]

Some 140 kilometers from Belgrade, near the town of Krupanj in Western Serbia, there is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the country: the Church Park Dobri Potok, a complex of parks, museums and church buildings. In addition to the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, which dominates this complex, the most interesting part of this exceptional place are the museums that are located[…]

As you walk between the wooden buildings in the Dobri Potok Church Park, a complex of parks, museums and church buildings, a few kilometers from Krupanj, a small town in western Serbia, you have the feeling that you are in another, more beautiful world. Everything here is perfect, it seems, ancient and deep, spiritual and calm, sublime and beautiful. Each building has its own purpose, and all together they fit[…]

When King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic made the decision to build the monumental underground complex of rooms, corridors and halls in the small town on the border of Serbia and Bosnia, Mali Zvornik, he could not know three things. First, that he will never live to see the completion of the construction of this “underground city”, since he was killed in Marseilles in 1934, and that this monumental construction project will never[…]

There are just few places in Serbia, but also anywhere on the planet, where one can find complete peace. Places where the only noises are the chirping of birds that seemingly never stops, and the murmur of a nearby stream. Wherever you look, you cannot see anything but the perfect harmony of man and nature. A place where, even when you want to, you cannot think of any negative thoughts,[…]

Can you imagine that there is a place where no one, but no one will be bored or tired, a place that meets everyone’s needs? Honestly, it sounds like the beginning of a pretentious advertisement, but this is true, and it is located only 150 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is not an exaggeration, because the Ethno Village Sunny River (Sunčana reka, pronounced “Soon-cha-na ray-ka” is a[…]

The greatest pride of the Vladimirci municipality is certainly the Kaona monastery. It is about 90 kilometers from Belgrade or an hour and a half by car. In the heart of Machva region in Western Serbia… Monastery building, churches, lake, auxiliary buildings, tourist facilities, perfectly maintained grass – everything is so perfectly integrated into the untouched natural surroundings of the beautiful West of Serbia make the monastery complex a place[…]

This is a story of courage. What chance did the little boy, born in the darkest time of Turkish rule in Serbia, have in the small village of Trsic? A boy whose siblings died in succession before he was born? His parents named him Vuk (Wolf), because it was believed that ghosts and witches would not dare attack a wolf. What chance did a young man have, a man whose[…]

Just over 200 people live in the small village of Tekeriš, in the municipality of Loznica in western Serbia. As you pass through it, the only building that will catch your attention is the large monument topped with an eagle, an eagle accying a laurel wreath in its beak. Few people realize the importance of this monument. Few know that this is the place where 115 years ago the history[…]

The Golubac fortress is a medieval town and a monument of great cultural significance. It is located on the right bank of the Danube, in the eastern part of Serbia. If you love to travel and want to see a place of historical and cultural significance, Golubac fortress is the place to be. It is not known who exactly built the fort, whether the Serbs or Hungarians. In the written[…]