MUSEUMS IN DOBRI POTOK: A unique insight into the history of Serbia

Some 140 kilometers from Belgrade, near the town of Krupanj in Western Serbia, there is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the country: the Church Park Dobri Potok, a complex of parks, museums and church buildings.

In addition to the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, which dominates this complex, the most interesting part of this exceptional place are the museums that are located in it.

As with everything in the park, our host, Archpriest Aleksandar Đurđev, takes care of these museums. He is the man who has been investing his great knowledge and effort for three decades to make this complex the pride of Krupanj and Radjevina.

Interior Museum

The setting we found here is carefully arranged, and we can imagine old people talking, having lunch, praying and dreaming dreams about the future here.

Each of the rooms here represents a part of the history of this area, frozen in time, and you can see authentic objects from several historical epochs in this area. You can see city interiors from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as objects that may be remembered by someone’s grandparents…

Museum of Saint Sava’s Children

The first thought that comes to thoughts as we look at the authentic conditions in which children once grew up, learned and played – is innocence. How much all this exudes something beautiful, sincere, something that, unfortunately, has been lost today.

This museum also exhibits lots of toys from older times, and the replica of the classroom where children studied at the beginning of the 20th century is especially interesting.

Hunting Museum

The people of Krupanj and Radjevina have always turned to hunting. Generations and generations have been waiting for their fathers to return home with delicious venison or pork…

In this museum, all animals characteristic of this part of Serbia are stuffed. There are wolf, deer, wild boar, various birds, foxes…

Museum of Beekeeping

The old Slavs were known for their beekeeping since ancient times. However, the great success of this craft begins with the conversion of the Slavs to Christianity.

Is there a better place to get to know the history of beekeeping and see the authentic tools that the Serbs used, than the museum located in the church park?

Museum of Old Crafts

Crafts were the basis of the survival of the people in this area. Centuries of experience in making useful and necessary objects have led to great mastery, the fruits of which are preserved in this museum in Dobri Potok.

This museum presents tools used by old masters, but also their products, without which there would be no life in this part of Serbia for centuries behind us.

There are tools and objects made by hemp makers, weavers, cauldron makers, blacksmiths, potters, shoemakers, carpenters, coopers…

This text is part of the project “Dobri potok – Pride of Krupanj” and was co-financed by the municipality of Krupanj.

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