When you enter Banja Vrujci (Vrujci Spa), a place not far from Mionica, a small town in central Serbia, it seems to you that time has stopped: an old-fashioned, peaceful and always cheerful atmosphere awaits you, which seems to be made to heal your body and spirit.

At an altitude of 180 meters, only 92 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, Vrujci is an ideal place for vacation.

Famous for its healing waters, this spa has long attracted tourists and people looking for rest and recovery: its waters belong to the calcium-magnesium kind, with temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius, and are used for bathing and drinking – they are useful against sterility, sciatica , varicose veins and high blood pressure, various skin diseases and rheumatic changes.

The natives in this area knew about the healing properties of the water, so they inhabited this place a long time ago and sought healing there.

Guests of the Spa can, in addition to its healing water, enjoy a number of beautiful restaurants and accommodation facilities, and for all who would like to have fun, there are also numerous sports fields.

Within the Spa, there is also an active aqua park with swimming pools, which is probably the most popular place here – thousands and thousands of people visit it every year.

The special charm of the whole atmosphere is given by delicious home-made food, which is served in the surrounding restaurants, where you are served by friendly waiters and top chefs.

A very popular activity in Banja Vrujci is the treatment with healing mud, which is located not far from the center of the settlement.

You can use your free time exploring the beautiful nature in and around the Vrujci and the area around the Toplica river, and you can always swim in the famous pools in Hotel Vrujci, the main tourist facility in Banja.

A special pleasure for all who have forgotten what a good local cuisine feels like is the Vrujci market, where you can buy delicacies every day, such as homemade cheese, cream, brandy, honey, greaves, various fruits and vegetables…

By the way, everyone here, if you ask about the origin of Banja Vrujci, will tell you the legend of the horse of the army that was defeated in one of the many wars in this area – a horse that was so exhausted that they left it to die here. The animal, however, recovered just lying in the mud, its hair grew back and its strength returned, and in a few days he got to his feet and returned to the soldier who was riding him.

This text is part of the project “Mionica, the beauty you must see”, and was co-financed by the Municipality of Mionica.

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