At only 60 minutes drive from Belgrade, one of the biggest surprises awaits any unprepared tourist: Svilajnac. In short, this town on the banks of the river Resava has EVERYTHING. The home of just under ten thousand people offers visitors so much that it is almost impossible to visit everything interesting in one day. Impossible, even if you only travel, without stopping to rest or eat. Quite an impossible task,[…]

When you enter Banja Vrujci (Vrujci Spa), a place not far from Mionica, a small town in central Serbia, it seems to you that time has stopped: an old-fashioned, peaceful and always cheerful atmosphere awaits you, which seems to be made to heal your body and spirit. At an altitude of 180 meters, only 92 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, Vrujci is an ideal place for vacation. Famous[…]

Small but cosy. Serbian, but king of Austrian. Such is Svilajnac. Modern and traditional, clean and hospitable. 110 kilometers from Belgrade, or about an hour by car. The president of the municipality of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanović, in an interview for Come to Serbia, says that they try to enrich their tourist offer from season to season. They quite succeed in that. The year for us was specific in many ways,[…]

The tourist offer of Mionica is rich and diverse. Through natural beauties, landscapes, Ribnica Nature Park, rivers Lepenica and Toplica, thermo-mineral springs in Banja Vrujci and Sports Center Mionica, to cultural landmarks such as the birthplace of Duke Zivojin Misic, old schools, religious buildings. With these words, Bojana Glišić, acting director of the Mionica Tourist Organization, begins the interview for the Come to Serbia portal. She talks about manifestations, visits[…]

Stevan Sindjelic is a sacred name for all Serbs: it is the name of the hero who made the greatest sacrifice in the fight for liberation against the Turks. This hero did the unthinkable in 1809: surrounded by 6,000 Turks, faced with defeat in the battle of Chegar, seeing that he could not win, he fired from his holster into a barrel full of gunpowder and killed himself, the rebellious[…]

The 42nd International Tourism Fair in and three related exhibitions opened today at the Belgrade Fair: the International “BeoWine” Wine Fair, the “Horeca-Equipment” International Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair and the “See Serbia” Souvenir Fair. Until Sunday, February 23rd, under the slogan “Get Going”, the tourist offer will be presented by more than 900 exhibitors from 40 countries, with the presence of a significant number of business visitors from all[…]

The municipality of Bogatic can rightly be called the hidden tourist treasure of Serbia, given its potential, especially when it comes to geothermal waters, where this municipality is one of the leaders in the region. In addition to famous events such as the Brigant Regatta, Brigant Night and Macvan Lilas, there are also ethno parks such as Sovljak and Avlija, Thermal Riviera and Jokin Grab Spa, Ilinje Monastery, churches in[…]

The greatest pride of the Vladimirci municipality is certainly the Kaona monastery. It is about 90 kilometers from Belgrade or an hour and a half by car. In the heart of Machva region in Western Serbia… Monastery building, churches, lake, auxiliary buildings, tourist facilities, perfectly maintained grass – everything is so perfectly integrated into the untouched natural surroundings of the beautiful West of Serbia make the monastery complex a place[…]

There are few places, not only in Serbia, but also in the world, where you can find pristine, preserved natural beauty, and right next to it, kind people who will help you to fully enjoy it. One such place is the Jokin Grab Spa, located a few kilometers from the Serbian town of Bogatic, otherwise known for its abundance of geothermal springs. This spa operates throughout the four seasons, and[…]

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the largest tourist center in the country. Every year, millions of foreign and domestic tourists visit Belgrade, looking for fun and relaxing. Belgrade, besides being full of various events, especially at night, and tourist attractions, is a beautiful city, one of the most beautiful in Europe. The Building of the National Assembly of Serbia is dominating the center. In it, 250 MP-s vote for[…]