GEOTHERMAL PARADISE IN THE MAČVA REGION: JOKIN GRAB spa near Bogatić is the hidden jewel of Serbia!

There are few places, not only in Serbia, but also in the world, where you can find pristine, preserved natural beauty, and right next to it, kind people who will help you to fully enjoy it.

One such place is the Jokin Grab Spa, located a few kilometers from the Serbian town of Bogatic, otherwise known for its abundance of geothermal springs.

This spa operates throughout the four seasons, and visitors from Bogatić, as well as from all over Serbia, regularly come here to spend hours and hours in medicinal thermal mineral water, which, experts say, helps in the treatment of sciatica, lumbago, spondylosis, various skin diseases , asthma, and is known to correct high blood pressure.

Many come here even in winter, when temperatures drop and well below zero degrees. They say that the feeling is the best, since the water temperature at the spring is 78 degrees Celsius and much lower in the channel, depending on where in it you are. It is usually around the temperature of the human body (just above 35 degrees), which provides the ideal feeling. This water is otherwise rich in minerals, salts and sulfur dioxide.

Hosts at this spa have provided a warm room for those who come here in the winter, where everyone can always eat and drink.

Otherwise, experts from the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade rank this well among the most promising wells of its kind in Europe.

Guests who visit this spa will be able to use the benches, tables and shelters provided by the hosts for a price of just over one euro, and the smiles on the faces of everyone we found at this spa immediately told us all about their feelings here.

Interestingly enough, there were many children among the bathers, who come here from a young age to “fill” the body with health from a geothermal source.

By the way, the spa was named after the owner’s grandmother, Joka, and her hornbeam tree. Grandmother Joka is no longer with us, nor is her hornbeam, a tree which used to be a recognizable tree throughout Mačva region, but the name remains…

Otherwise, the recommended time for swimming in warm water is about 20 minutes, but almost no one respects this, since everyone is too comfortable inside. And when they come out, it’s not cold for anyone, especially when they drink a cup of coffee or a shot of rakija, thinking about how they will soon “dive” again into the heat of geothermal water.

This text is part of the project “Seven Wonders of Bogatic” co-financed by the Municipality of Bogatic.

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