BOGATIC WILL INVEST IN TOURISM: Darko Masic, director of the Tourist Organization of Bogatic Municipality, speaking about future plans

The municipality of Bogatic can rightly be called the hidden tourist treasure of Serbia, given its potential, especially when it comes to geothermal waters, where this municipality is one of the leaders in the region.

In addition to famous events such as the Brigant Regatta, Brigant Night and Macvan Lilas, there are also ethno parks such as Sovljak and Avlija, Thermal Riviera and Jokin Grab Spa, Ilinje Monastery, churches in Glusci and in Bogatić, while the Hippodrome with its rich program is the pride of Bogatić and Machva.

In addition to religious and health tourism, there is great potential in fishing tourism as well, and student on excursions have something to see in the municipality of Bogatic.

What is missing are serious investments in tourism, and the head of the Bogatic Tourist Organization, Darko Masic, is optimistic about this, especially since the Government of Serbia in May 2019 issued a Decree on setting the criteria for awarding incentives in order to attract direct investments in tourism in hotel accommodation services sector. In other words, investors will be able to receive subsidies, which can be crucial when it comes to developing tourism in environments such as Bogatić.

  • We are working intensively to increase the number of beds in the municipality. For example, we started the year with 4 beds in domestic crafts, and currently we have 30 beds, with an interest in further categorization. We currently offer four apartments, a studio apartment, a rural tourist household and several rooms. We are working on expanding these capacities – Masic tells us.

According to him, special efforts are being made to expand capacities in Crna Bara, along the Drina coast, and in Bogatić, because of the people who come to the Thermal Riviera, the most popular destination in the municipality.

  • In the Thermal Riviera, guests come from the municipality, but also from Belgrade, Novi Sad and even abroad, and this park is open to visitors throughout the year – said Masic.

Director of TO Bogatić announces new investments in tourism in the municipality:

  • Infofin, which already successfully runs hotels in Banja Koviljaca and Mali Zvornik, is negotiating with a local government to build a tourist facility with 150 beds, a wellness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an aqua park and parking. Projects are nearing the end and we expect the realization to begin soon – says Masic.

This investment should be worth more than € 7 million and the complex should be spread over 7 hectares.

Masic says this is just the beginning, and that Bogatic’s great geothermal potential, good road network and favorable geographical location mean more such projects and investments.

This text was created in the project “The Seven Wonders of Bogatić” and co-financed by the municipality of Bogatić. The views in the text are not those of the municipality.

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