REGATTA, GOURMET FESTIVAL, HUNTING, JET SKIING: Events in Mali Zvornik gather as many as 30,000 people every year!

“Our Mali Zvornik offers a wealth of diversity, and the people here are so cordial, hospitable and kind that they will welcome each guest in the most friendly way.”

With these words, the Mayor of Mali Zvornik Zoran Jevtic describes his place and his fellow citizens.

Although a small municipality, Mali Zvornik has very significant tourist capacities, with special emphasis on manifestation tourism that gathers people from outside Serbia as well.

  • We can boast of an extremely rich content of events, which are one of the most important segments of our tourist offer. Chronologically speaking, they start from January 19, when swimming for the Epiphany cross on Zvornik Lake takes place, and they go down until September 12, when we have the International Fishery Cup – says Jevtic for the Come to Serbia portal. He states that an exhibition of handicrafts of this area is held from February 20th to March 9th, then on February 27th there is a floklore event, and on May 3rd, an International kayak regatta hosted by Mali Zvornik.

During the summer, Mali Zvornik has a particularly lively program, and because of great events, hospitality and a good time, many people come here from other places. Mali Zvornik common nase fishing cup (Skobaljijada) which takes place on June 10th and a Gourmet Festival on June 13th on the plateau in front of the Royal Drina Hotel in the center. After that, from June 24 to July 4, we hold Vidovdan small football tournament, which is extremely popular and visited – says Jevtic.

There is also an art colony that starts on June 25, and then comes the biggest manifestation that is united under the name Sports, recreational and cultural tourism days “Drina is the meaning of life”.

  • They are always held on the last weekend of July, this year it was from 23 to 26. I would like to point out to the regatta on Mali Zvornik Lake. It is the only regatta in Serbia that is held on calm waters and during it we have a complete artistic program with trumpeters. It is quite safe, people are safe on boats, they enjoy themselves, socialize, they can have fun, and on fast rivers it is not possible – says Jevtic.

The event “Drina is the meaning of life” is complemented by an evening of good fun at concerts held on Thursdays and Saturdays. For those who like delicious dishes, there is a “golden kettle” competition and catfish Festival.

Visitors who want to feel the adrenaline have the opportunity to try their hand at jet ski riding on the water. The organizers have even provided training for riding a jet ski, all of which are held at Zvornik Lake.

During the regatta, Mali Zvornik becomes the center of events in this area, with average of 4,000 to 5,000 people with over 250 vessels participating.

  • Then our guests come from abroad, but not only from the former republics of Yugoslavia, but tourists from all over Europe – from Germany, Russia, Belgium. Every year, they visit us more and more and it makes us very happy – says the first man of the Mali Zvornik, and adds that everyone who comes and wants to stay the night and spend a few days in this place will have a great offer waiting.
  • We have fantastic accommodations in hotels, motels, but also private villas along the lake, as well as two ethno villages. Everyone can choose what suits him or her, depending on whether they want peace and quiet or a more urban environment. This is our slogan, Mali Zvornik offers a wealth of diversity in terms of tourism – says Jevtic.

In the second half of the year, duck hunting is organized, and from 12 September the International Fishery Cup is organized.

  • More than 30,000 people pass through all our manifestations. We are proud of that too and everyone is welcome. Transit tourism is currently expanding as Mali Zvornik is not far from the border, we connect Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, through our town we go to Montenegro, to mountains Tara, Zlatibor, Mecavnik, to southern Serbia. That is why last year we did one project with the Ministry of Tourism in charge, and the participants were the Tourist Organization of Serbia, one regional tourism agency and Roads of Serbia company. Mali Zvornik got the project, so the ministry funded the tourist signalization. Thanks to this, for the first time, everything that is worthy fot tourists is marked by signalization – says Jevtic.

Asked how important it is to invest in road infrastructure, and the state has started investing a lot lately, he replies:

  • It means a lot to us. Road infrastructure is number one in terms of tourist destinations. If you do not have good roads, whatever destination you have, it cannot be reached and tourists do not decide to visit it – says Jevtic.

Inviting guests who have already been here to repeat their visit to Mali Zvornik or those who have not been here, to come to this place on Drina for the first time, Jevtic emphasizes the hospitality of the people.

  • I always say that our greatest potential is our people. They are good hosts, always ready to socialize, always ready to come to your aid, to be with you, to do whatever you need. We are such people here around the Drina, and the Drina is definitely a river that connects people. That is why Drina is the meaning of life, because of those people who are really good with real humane values ​​and that is why they are happy to see guests in Mali Zvornik – says Jevtic.

This text is part of the project “Mali Zvornik – Big Heart of the Drina” and was co-financed by the Municipality of Mali Zvornik. The views in the text are not those of the municipality.

(Come to Serbia)

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