Tourists, welcome to Ljubovija! A message from the head of the tourist organization

Many foreigners come to Serbia and stay in Belgrade, but it is a little harder for them to travel to the other parts of Serbia because, by and large, they do not know about all the natural beauties and attractions that await them in our beautiful country.

The idea behind ​​the Come to Serbia portal is to introduce foreign and domestic tourists to these beauties and attractions by writing texts in English.

Ljubovija is one of the municipalities in Serbia that boasts the most beautiful nature. There is no one who went there, including members of the Come to Serbia portal team, who came back indifferent, and did not wish to return to this area again.

Jelena Tosic, head of the Ljubovija tourist organization, speaks about the beautiful nature that you can find in and around Ljubija, in an interview with our portal. She says that tourists, both domestic and foreign, are welcome to Ljubovija and that everyone here will make sure that they are well received.

How is your cooperation with the Serbian Tourist Organization, how can you all improve what Ljubovija offers to tourists? How can a stranger hear about Ljubovija, Soko grad, Cat’s stone, regatta?

In the forthcoming period, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Serbia, it is planned to visit tourism fairs abroad, as well as to bring larger tour operators here.

What is there to see here, what are the biggest tourist potentials of Ljubovija?

The tourist potentials of the Ljubovija municipality are the Drina River, the Bobija Mountain, a special nature reserve with the Tresnjica River Canyon and the habitat of griffon vultures, our cultural and historical heritage, which includes 14 churches and four monasteries, the Roman Bridge, the ossuary on the Cats stone…

What events are being organized?

A large number of events are organized throughout the year in the municipality of Ljubovija. We have a total of 20, they are of different types, ranging from sports, recreational, cultural, gastronomic…

Which ones would you point out?

The two biggest manifestations organized by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ljubovija that gather large numbers of visitors are the Gastro Festival, which takes place on the second Saturday of May, and the Drina Regatta of Ljubovija, which takes place on the second Saturday in July.

What obstacles does the Ljubovija Tourism Organization face?

In the previous period there was a large investment of the state and competent ministries of the Republic of Serbia. Access roads were completed on the territory of the municipality of Ljubovija, which has been a major obstacle so far. The disadvantage faced by TO Ljubovija is the insufficient capacity of the tourist organization, the lack of educated staff, tourist guides…

What is your cooperation with the municipality?

We have good cooperation with local government. We prepare and realize projects together. The emphasis is on creating a quality tourism product to make it more visible on the market.

Do you participate in the Belgrade Tourism Fair?

Yes, the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Ljubovija is participating in the Tourism Fair in Belgrade and we will have a booth there, from February 20 to February 23, 2020.

This text was published as part of the project “Seven Wonders of Ljubovija” and co-financed by the municipality of Ljubovija.

(Come to Serbia)

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