Who better to talk about Krupanj than the first man of this municipality, Ivan Isailovic? That’s why we asked him what the local and foreign visitors would have to see in Krupanj. In an interview for portal Come To Serbia, Ivan Isailović says that the first archaeological findings in Krupanj have been dated to the Neolithic period, in the form of remains of ceramics and a single axe made out[…]

The Celije Monastery in the vicinity of Valjevo is one of the most sacred and most important holy places in Serbia. A traveller can feel the peace of this sanctuary as he descends into the valley where this building is located. Nobody knows exactly when the monastery was erected, but it is clear that it was during a period between 1282 and 1316, when King Dragutin Nemanjić ruled these parts,[…]

As we get closer to the Memorial Church of the Ascencion of Lord in Krupanj, the most impressive building in this city, we feel the complexity, the deep history carved into the Balkans, Serbia, Krupanj… Beneath all the smiles, beneath all nature, all freshness and joy, beneath the beautiful green landscape – there is a lot of history, there are many untold stories, many revolutions, accidents, tragedies… This imposing stone[…]

There are some special places on this planet, places that always gathered people with their magic, ever since people began to exist. One such place, located 300 meters from the Petnica Research Station near Valjevo, is the magical Petnička cave, a wonder of nature that people have always called home. As you enter, moving along the long, narrow corridors always finding new, huge, wide and magnificent halls, it becomes clear[…]

Although a small town, Krupanj is a regional center of cultural events, as well as the headquarters of many traditional events, which are attractive both for locals and for all those who travel to this area. When Ivan Isailović, himself an actor, became the mayor of Krupanj, the cultural life in this municipality and region has experienced a true revival, and this place has become a regional lighthouse of culture.[…]

Reuters, the biggest and most influential news agency in the World, published a story about the beautiful municipality of Krupanj, located in the woods of the Western Serbia. Here is the Reuters story: “Ivan Isailovic, mayor of the small Serbian town of Krupanj, is off next week to seek investors not in Munich or Paris, but in Istanbul – a sign of Turkey’s growing influence across the western Balkans that[…]

When foreigners come to Belgrade, they usually stay there. When asked, “Why?”, the answer is “We do not know anything about the rest of Serbia. We do not know what to see, how to get there, where to eat, where to sleep, or anything, realy…” Come to Serbia must change this. We want to make Serbia outside Belgrade visible to tourists, by publishing great stories and photos about great tourist[…]

Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will stimulate the development of domestic tourism in 2018. by providing citizens with vouchers for destinations in the country. Around 80.000 vouchers worth 5.000 dinars each have been issued. Serbian citizens can apply from January 1 to October 15, 2018. One voucher guarantees at least five overnight stays in the countrie’s registered holiday facilities. The deadline to use a voucher is November 20[…]