Serbia is not just about Belgrade. Far from it – there is so much more to explore and see!

When foreigners come to Belgrade, they usually stay there. When asked, “Why?”, the answer is “We do not know anything about the rest of Serbia. We do not know what to see, how to get there, where to eat, where to sleep, or anything, realy…”

Come to Serbia must change this.

We want to make Serbia outside Belgrade visible to tourists, by publishing great stories and photos about great tourist destinations in Serbia in Serbian and English.

Our site is not only for foreign tourists, but also for people from Serbia who have forgotten about what their country has to offer. Sadly, people around hete know more about Greece, Austria, Italy, than Serbia, and is not right, is it?

Following our portal will get you all the information and inspiration to organize a trip and – Come to Serbia!

All Tourism of Serbia in one place. In Serbian and English.

Thank you for following us.

(Come to Serbia)

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