The pedestrian footbridge connecting Belgrade Fortress and Sava Pier was completed and handed over to citizens and tourists. For the first time Belgrade has a direct connection between the Pier and the old part of Belgrade, so now pedestrians or cyclists can get from Palace Albania to the Sava Pier without crossing the street, via Kalemegdan. There is a sculpture on the footbridge, a joint work of English sculptor Richard[…]

At the time of the fight against coronaviruses, one good news from Belgrade. The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade carried out the official handover of the Winner, which means that it was stated that all reconstruction works were done in accordance with the project. Everything about the reconstruction was completed two weeks ago, and the monument was returned to its place in Kalemegdan[…]

As long as the state of emergency because of the Covid-19 lasts, both in Serbia and around the world, citizens of Serbia, as well as everyone around the world, are allowed to take a virtual tour of the city. Anyone who wants to see Belgrade can do so thanks to the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade. You can do this at http://beogradskonasleđ In[…]

The 42nd International Tourism Fair in and three related exhibitions opened today at the Belgrade Fair: the International “BeoWine” Wine Fair, the “Horeca-Equipment” International Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair and the “See Serbia” Souvenir Fair. Until Sunday, February 23rd, under the slogan “Get Going”, the tourist offer will be presented by more than 900 exhibitors from 40 countries, with the presence of a significant number of business visitors from all[…]

The reconstructed sculpture of the “Winner”, a symbol of Belgrade, was returned to the plateau of the Upper City of Belgrade Fortress, known also as Kalemegdan, where the final works were made for its presentation. An exhibition was opened on February 13th. Citizens were able to see this magnificent work in close from 10.00 to 16.00. Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said that there are very few events during which[…]

On the occasion of the Rakovica Municipality Day, which is celebrated on October 14, as part of the traditional manifestation “Days of Rakovica”, the Municipality of Rakovica has provided free concerts for its fellow citizens as part of a rich cultural, artistic and entertainment program. The concerts are organized on Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 pm on the plateau near “McDonald’s” in Vidikovac. People will be entertained by[…]

When foreigners come to Belgrade, they usually stay there. When asked, “Why?”, the answer is “We do not know anything about the rest of Serbia. We do not know what to see, how to get there, where to eat, where to sleep, or anything, realy…” Come to Serbia must change this. We want to make Serbia outside Belgrade visible to tourists, by publishing great stories and photos about great tourist[…]

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