THE SYMBOL OF BELGRADE: The Winner arrives at Kalemegdan after restoration

The reconstructed sculpture of the “Winner”, a symbol of Belgrade, was returned to the plateau of the Upper City of Belgrade Fortress, known also as Kalemegdan, where the final works were made for its presentation.

An exhibition was opened on February 13th. Citizens were able to see this magnificent work in close from 10.00 to 16.00.

Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said that there are very few events during which we all share the same feelings, and one of those special events is the return of the “Winner”.

He added that three years before the First World War, the Belgrade municipality had ordered the great fountain to be made, but the war happened, there was no money, and only the “Winner” was made.

The Belgrade municipality bought the sculpture and put it in a warehouse in Senjak where it layed for several years. Then in 1928, someone remembered that ten years had passed since the victory in World War I, but there was no memorial to mark it, and then they remembered the “Winner,” which was still in the warehouse.

Initially, the idea was to put it on Terazije street, but various associations have rebelled because it is a sculpture of a naked man and it is not very decent to be on Terazije – said Vesic.

Thus, the “Winner” was appointed to Kalemegdan in October 1928.

(Come to Serbia, pictures: Beoinfo)

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