Majdanpek, a small town in eastern Serbia, located in the valley of the Mali Pek River, is a perfect place for a holiday for all those who simply want to escape the hustle, bustle, and pollution.

Surrounded by mountains and forests, this place, about 2.5 hours drive from Belgrade, offers everything you need for a pleasant stay: hotel, transportation, post office, banks, restaurants, museum, shops, cafes…

However, once you are there, in the center of truly wild and magnificent eastern Serbia, we do not believe that you will spend much time inside: nature here is just too beautiful to miss.

Majdanpek is pretty small, and you can reach every part of it on foot in no more than ten minutes. In the center of the town the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is found, and there are also sports grounds, a sports hall and a swimming pool nearby.

The church was built by the Serbian government in 1858 to bind workers and experts to Majdanpek, which has begun to expand since the mine began to operate again in this town. In addition to the church, a school and many apartments were also built at that time.

Every July 12, a major celebration is organized in Majdanpek, dedicated specifically to the apostles Peter and Paul, who have been regarded by local miners as their patrons for over a century and a half.

Only 3 kilometers from the center of the town is the famous Rajko’s Cave. Its corridors are about 2 kilometers long, and tourists have access to a well-maintained path. The numerous halls in the cave are some of the most beautiful in this part of Europe.

It takes about half an hour of walk from the center of Majdanpek to Rajko’s Cave.

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