At only 60 minutes drive from Belgrade, one of the biggest surprises awaits any unprepared tourist: Svilajnac. In short, this town on the banks of the river Resava has EVERYTHING. The home of just under ten thousand people offers visitors so much that it is almost impossible to visit everything interesting in one day. Impossible, even if you only travel, without stopping to rest or eat. Quite an impossible task,[…]

Small but cosy. Serbian, but king of Austrian. Such is Svilajnac. Modern and traditional, clean and hospitable. 110 kilometers from Belgrade, or about an hour by car. The president of the municipality of Svilajnac, Predrag Milanović, in an interview for Come to Serbia, says that they try to enrich their tourist offer from season to season. They quite succeed in that. The year for us was specific in many ways,[…]

Of the many things you can see in Serbia, dinosaurs are not at the top of the list of what you can expect, are they? However, in the center of the picturesque town of Svilajnac, on the banks of the river Resava, there is exactly this – life-size dinosaur models, arranged in a beautiful Dino Park within the Nature Center Svilajnac, the largest tourist attraction in this part of Serbia.[…]

Stevan Sindjelic is a sacred name for all Serbs: it is the name of the hero who made the greatest sacrifice in the fight for liberation against the Turks. This hero did the unthinkable in 1809: surrounded by 6,000 Turks, faced with defeat in the battle of Chegar, seeing that he could not win, he fired from his holster into a barrel full of gunpowder and killed himself, the rebellious[…]

There are just few places in Serbia, but also anywhere on the planet, where one can find complete peace. Places where the only noises are the chirping of birds that seemingly never stops, and the murmur of a nearby stream. Wherever you look, you cannot see anything but the perfect harmony of man and nature. A place where, even when you want to, you cannot think of any negative thoughts,[…]

After a break due to restrictive measures caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the reconstruction of the Svilajnac-Markovac regional road continued. – A complete reconstruction of the 6km Svilajnac-Markovac road is underway. The first section about 2.5km long is located on the territory of Svilajnac municipality. The value of the investment in the territory this municipality is about one million euros, while the value of the entire investment is about 2.5[…]

Majdanpek, a small town in eastern Serbia, located in the valley of the Mali Pek River, is a perfect place for a holiday for all those who simply want to escape the hustle, bustle, and pollution. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this place, about 2.5 hours drive from Belgrade, offers everything you need for a pleasant stay: hotel, transportation, post office, banks, restaurants, museum, shops, cafes… However, once you are[…]

CNN writes about Serbia, the tourist destination that “tends to escape the attention of many travelers”, a country with “the legendary nightlife of the capital, Belgrade” and “the party at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad”. This is what they wrote about Serbia: “There is “raucous madness that descends every August on the small town of Guča, whose trumpet festival has gained a reputation as one of the most riotous[…]