KRUPANJ, A SMALL PLACE WITH PLENTY OF CULTURE: All events in the heart of Radjevina

Although a small town, Krupanj is a regional center of cultural events, as well as the headquarters of many traditional events, which are attractive both for locals and for all those who travel to this area.

When Ivan Isailović, himself an actor, became the mayor of Krupanj, the cultural life in this municipality and region has experienced a true revival, and this place has become a regional lighthouse of culture.

This is especially true for the theater, which has already been deeply rooted in the city of Krupanj. These days it is a favorite event for the old and the young, so quality and interesting theater performances can be seen here regularly. A contract was signed with the famous Belgrade Drama Theater, and the locals and their guests have the opportunity to watch the most famous performances of this world famous theater.

The center of all cultural events is certainly the library “Politika”, which is the most important cultural institution in Krupanj and the bearer of cultural life in the region.

It is located in the building of the former Cultural Center, which was a gift of the Politika newspaper, in memory of the Ribnikar brothers, the founders of Politika, who were fatally wounded on Mačak’s stone Battle and buried near Krupanj.

Krupanj and its surroundings host many important events. These are the most important:

Lazar’s Saturday – it is always held in April, on the date this church holiday falls. You will see the competition of folklore groups, the recitations, the making of wreaths and the parade of all participants in the city streets.

Krkusijada – June 27 – Fishing competition in fishing the gudgeon and river trout. In addition, culinary competitors compete in cooking beans and fish soup.

Dani Medjasa – in the beginning of July – on the Jagodnja mountain there is a specialized exhibition of hound dogs, traditional sports competition, mowing, preparing beans and a hunt for golden coins.

Petrovdanski sabor, rally for golden coins – July 12th – in the area of ​​the Dobri Potok church park, there is a hunt for dukat (a golden coin), an exhibition of domestic work, old crafts, honey…

Potato Days – October 9-10 – potato producers from the region and across Serbia are exhibiting their products, and within the event there are also lectures on potatoes, and a competition for the biggest potatoe and the most beautiful potato dish.

Mushroom Days – 16-17. October – organized mushroom gathering across Radjevina, then an exhibition of mushrooms and education about mushrooms, and preparation of mushroom meals on the second day.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Krupanj”, supported by the Krupanj Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project.

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