TESHNYAR, THE JEWEL OF VALJEVO: This old street realy has it all!

If somebody who traveled this region asked what Teshnyar was, the answer would undoubtedly be: “What for Belgrade is Skadarlija, for Dubrovnik Stradun, or for Sarajevo Bash-charshia, for Valjevo is Teshnyar”. This street near Kolubara is a symbol of Valjevo.

Teshnyar Street is one of the rare authentic oriental environments left in Serbia, and many will agree that after Skadarlija in Belgrade, it is one of the most beautiful in our country.

Teshnyar has more than a hundred houses that originating in the 19th century. The Teshnyar itself is not only one street, but the one main one, along with the side-ones, with cafes and restaurants built in the same style. Most of over a hundred houses were built in the XIX century.

How Tesnjar got its name

The street extends from the left side of river Kolubara, and it is narrowed between the river and the hill to the right, and for this reason, it was given the name Teshnyar (a narrow street). It was created in 1830.

Your stay in Teshnyar, regardless of age and demands, will be eventful and pleasant, as there is a lot of craft shops and shops, and a large number of cafes, taverns and restaurants.

During the day, people are walking here, they take their children for a walk, they go to a coffee shop or lunch in some of the great restaurants, and in the evening, Teshnyar becomes a place of entertainment.

When the night falls, the soung of a baby carriage is replaced by cheerful youth and loud music.

Due to its authentic looks, Teshnyar has repeatedly been the address of filmmakers who wanted to make the best scenes from the 19th century. Here, the parts of the “Ivkova slava”, and “Vrati se Zone” were filmed. They ultimately decided on Valjevo only because of the old Teshynar street.

Teshnyar evenings

A tourist event is called the Teshnyar Evenings. This is an exhibition of theater and film, and has been held here since 1987, making it the oldest summer festival in Valjevo.

Meetings of writers, publishers, bookstore keepers, top authors in the field of classical and contemporary music and performers in the field of fine arts are organised here, as well. The accompanying programs represent the tourist and economic offer of the city, as well as exhibitions of medicinal herbs, performances of cultural and artistic societies, concerts of classical, spiritual, rock and folk music, fashion shows, pets exhibitions, paintings and photographs exhibitions…

It is a sin to be in Valjevo, but not to come to Tesnjar

When you travel to Valjevo, you must go to see the Teshnyar Street. If you do not see it, it’s like you came as a tourist to Belgrade, and you did not make it to the famous Skadarlija.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Valjevo”, supported by the City of Valjevo. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project. 

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