VLADIMIRCI, WATER KINGDOM: Geothermal springs, Sava river, lakes…

Vladimirci, a city in Serbia, could be called the “water oasis” of this part of the country. The municipality abounds in all types of water, which is not surprising, since it is located in an area once covered by the ancient Pannonian Sea.

The most important large water reservoir near Vladimir is the large European river Sava, which runs along the border of this municipality in a length of 28 kilometers.

There is a road to it, so the coast of this great river is now available to all who want to enjoy this important river.

Vladimirci is also specific in that they are rich in geothermal water. It was found that there are hot water supplies at a depth of more than one kilometer. Municipality of Vladimirci plans to use the tourist potential that it has, so it is planned to exploit the sources of geothermal water.

The municipality has rich and healthy reserves of drinking water, and in the village of Provo there is a well of mineral water, with properties that are favorable for the construction of a spa.

In the villages of Mesarci and Debrc, wells of warm water were built, with temperatures from 54 to 57 degrees Celsius.

In the vicinity of Vladimirci there is also a natural lake of Vukosica Bara, with area of about 60 hectares. There are plans for the construction of tourist facilities at this location.

This article is a part of the project “Seven miracles of Vladimirci”, supported by the Vladimirci Municipality. Positions of the supported media project do not necessarily reflect statements of the organ supporting the project. 

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