The Celije Monastery in the vicinity of Valjevo is one of the most sacred and most important holy places in Serbia. A traveller can feel the peace of this sanctuary as he descends into the valley where this building is located. Nobody knows exactly when the monastery was erected, but it is clear that it was during a period between 1282 and 1316, when King Dragutin Nemanjić ruled these parts,[…]

Just 11 kilometers from Valjevo, a city in Western Serbia, lies Monastery Lelić, probably the most important of the new monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Monestery Lelić is in the village of Lelić, and it is the endowment of the bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, probably the most influential bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and his father, Dragomir Velimirović. The idea that the church in Lelić should be transformed into[…]

If somebody who traveled this region asked what Teshnyar was, the answer would undoubtedly be: “What for Belgrade is Skadarlija, for Dubrovnik Stradun, or for Sarajevo Bash-charshia, for Valjevo is Teshnyar”. This street near Kolubara is a symbol of Valjevo. Teshnyar Street is one of the rare authentic oriental environments left in Serbia, and many will agree that after Skadarlija in Belgrade, it is one of the most beautiful in[…]

There are some special places on this planet, places that always gathered people with their magic, ever since people began to exist. One such place, located 300 meters from the Petnica Research Station near Valjevo, is the magical Petnička cave, a wonder of nature that people have always called home. As you enter, moving along the long, narrow corridors always finding new, huge, wide and magnificent halls, it becomes clear[…]

Around 90 kilometers southwest of Belgrade, after a pleasant ride through the natural beauties of Western Serbia, you arrive in the city of Valjevo. One of the most beautiful cities in Serbia is ready to reveal all of your beauty just for you. The city was first mentioned in the XIV century and since then has had a turbulent history. It is surrounded by the slopes of several mountains, and[…]

Loud voices of local guys sitting next to the camp fire, making a bean soup in a large pot, while encouraging each other to go and grab a case of beer cooled in a nearby stream are the only thing breaking the perfect silence of the forest in central Serbia, near the beautiful town of Valjevo. As we approach, we are understanding what they are talking about: as it is[…]