Bovansko jezero

The municipality of Bogatic can rightly be called the hidden tourist treasure of Serbia, given its potential, especially when it comes to geothermal waters, where this municipality is one of the leaders in the region. In addition to famous events such as the Brigant Regatta, Brigant Night and Macvan Lilas, there are also ethno parks such as Sovljak and Avlija, Thermal Riviera and Jokin Grab Spa, Ilinje Monastery, churches in[…]

About five kilometers from the main road Sabac-Loznica Ilinje monastery is located – it is one of the newest Serbian shrines that adorns the municipality of Bogatic. The monastery was built in 1983 on the estate of the couple Lackovic in the village of Ochage, and is considered a great healing place by many. Because of the belief that miracles occur here, many believers are coming on a daily basis.[…]

You will not find a quieter place than the Mackov kamen (Cat’s Stone), a peak on Mount Jagodnja, near the small town of Ljubovija in Western Serbia. The deafening silence that greets you is interrupted only by the occasional sounds of woodpeckers banging on the bark of the surrounding trees. It is hard to imagine the horror that occurred here in September 1914, when at this very peak heavy fighting[…]

The greatest pride of the Vladimirci municipality is certainly the Kaona monastery. It is about 90 kilometers from Belgrade or an hour and a half by car. In the heart of Machva region in Western Serbia… Monastery building, churches, lake, auxiliary buildings, tourist facilities, perfectly maintained grass – everything is so perfectly integrated into the untouched natural surroundings of the beautiful West of Serbia make the monastery complex a place[…]

This is a story of courage. What chance did the little boy, born in the darkest time of Turkish rule in Serbia, have in the small village of Trsic? A boy whose siblings died in succession before he was born? His parents named him Vuk (Wolf), because it was believed that ghosts and witches would not dare attack a wolf. What chance did a young man have, a man whose[…]

That thing, way up there? This is the first question everyone who sees an imposing rock with a large cross for the first time – the trademark of Soko Grad (Falcon Town), once a fortress in western Serbia near Ljubovija, and today one of the most beautiful places in this part of Europe. First question, because the rock and the cross are 200 meters above you, and the road to[…]

If one can boast of its hunting and fishing tourism, surely it is the municipality of Mali Zvornik! They have a real fortune for fishermen of all kinds, and are unique in that they are the only ones with a fishing trail in the entire Balkan Peninsula. We were talking about fishing tourism and other tourism potentials of Mali Zvornik with the Mayor of the municipality, mr Zoran Jevtic. Our[…]

In the middle of every summer, for 14 years, the Drina Regatta takes place on the Drina, the most beautiful river in Serbia. Every year, thousands of people come to participate in this spectacular event, and with their boats they descend down the Drina River, from the town of Mali Zvornik, to the town of Loznica. The descent is about 20 kilometers long, and as the boats slowly move down[…]

A long time ago, at the colleg of tourism, we were taught how closely related the tourism and food offer are. The connection is so great that there is even an entire subject called gastronomic tourism. Of course, the word says it all. And more about it – it is about traveling that involves consuming food and drink, learning how to prepare meals, buying local products, and even attending cooking[…]

Just over 200 people live in the small village of Tekeriš, in the municipality of Loznica in western Serbia. As you pass through it, the only building that will catch your attention is the large monument topped with an eagle, an eagle accying a laurel wreath in its beak. Few people realize the importance of this monument. Few know that this is the place where 115 years ago the history[…]