Majdanpek, a small town in eastern Serbia, located in the valley of the Mali Pek River, is a perfect place for a holiday for all those who simply want to escape the hustle, bustle, and pollution. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this place, about 2.5 hours drive from Belgrade, offers everything you need for a pleasant stay: hotel, transportation, post office, banks, restaurants, museum, shops, cafes… However, once you are[…]

Loznica, a town in western Serbia, is known for its many tourist attractions, great climate, spas, picnic destinations, the beautiful Drina River and many tourist facilities. The people here are very hospitable and anyone who comes to Loznica and its surroundings is sure to have a fulfilling and beautiful day. In addition to the many attractions that tourists can visit on their own, whenever they want, Loznica has many events[…]

Ljubovija is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Serbia: situated on the shore of the beautiful Drina River, immersed in clean air, surrounded by forests and the most beautiful mountains in this part of the world. However, anyone who comes to Ljubovija or the surrounding area should have no fear of “seeing everything” fast. First, because the nature and attractions that the region has to offer[…]

The beauty of a country, region or an area is not defined only by its forests, mountains, rivers, lakes… Although the Plain of Macva in Western Serbia, which also houses the Municipality of Bogatic, is one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia, with many reasons for a tourist to visit it, its true beauty is made up of people who live here, hospitable and helpful people. This region, known[…]

Can you imagine that there is a place where no one, but no one will be bored or tired, a place that meets everyone’s needs? Honestly, it sounds like the beginning of a pretentious advertisement, but this is true, and it is located only 150 kilometers from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is not an exaggeration, because the Ethno Village Sunny River (Sunčana reka, pronounced “Soon-cha-na ray-ka” is a[…]

Not far from the city of Ljubovija in Western Serbia is Mount Bobija, perhaps the greatest natural gem in this part of the world. This fairytale place is a true oasis, in the heart of Serbia and Europe, an oasis of clean air, cold and clear water, an oasis where everything is still wild, untouched, as nature has created it. Everything here is full of life, the sights that go[…]

There are few places in Serbia, and we can also say in Europe, which have retained the appearance of the Earth as it was before people. Untouched nature, but truly untouched, is only spoiled by the sight of curious tourists who come here to see the world as it once was. The Tresnjica Gorge, part of the nature reservation, near the small town of Ljubovija located in Western Serbia, right[…]

Anyone who wishes to enrich knowledge with the history of Radjevina and Azbukovica and briefly return to the past of this region of Serbia will best do so by going to the Jadar Museum in Loznica. In the heart of the city, in the magnificent building of the regional museum, archaeological, ethnographic and historical collections are preserved. FABRICS AND JEWELRY In chronological order , the fossil remains are stored here,[…]

Many foreigners come to Serbia and stay in Belgrade, but it is a little harder for them to travel to the other parts of Serbia because, by and large, they do not know about all the natural beauties and attractions that await them in our beautiful country. The idea behind ​​the Come to Serbia portal is to introduce foreign and domestic tourists to these beauties and attractions by writing texts[…]